Netsmart Technologies, Inc., based in Great River, N.Y., is an established, leading supplier of enterprise-wide software solutions to health and human services providers and payers nationwide. Netsmart is a combination of its former Creative-Socio Medics subsidiary and grew with several acquisitions in 2005, including CMHC Systems, ContinuedLearning and Addiction Management Systems. The company serves as the trusted partner to more than 1,250 organizations, including over 30 systems with state agencies.
Netsmartfs wide variety of clients includes:
•Health and human services organizations
•Mental health agencies
•Public health agencies
•Substance abuse clinics
•Psychiatric hospitals and other facilities offering in-patient psychiatric services
•Methadone clinics
•Managed care organizations
Netsmartfs scalable, full-featured software is available for a variety of operating systems, hardware platforms, and mobile devices, and is supported by a wide range of implementation and business services. The companyfs solutions play a critical role in the daily and long-term financial, clinical and management processes of its clients.
Netsmartfs more than 300 employees, many of whom have worked in agency environments, help Netsmart customers operate with a high level of business efficiency and provide quality care to millions of consumers every day.

Joseph R. McGovern
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Mr. McGovern is responsible for contracts management, solutions delivery, Netsmart University , Netsmartfs e-Prescription division and the companyfs Premier Partner program.
Mr. McGovern joined Netsmart in 1981 and has held numerous management positions, including project management and implementation, software development, support services, quality control, training and documentation.
He received a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Connecticut.

Kevin R. Scalia
Executive Vice President, Corporate Development
Mr. Scaliafs responsibilities include strategic relationships and new business opportunities, investor relations, marketing and developing alliances with key industry associations.
Prior to joining Netsmart in 2003, he served as president or chief executive officer of technology companies involved in the development of supercomputers, medical imaging equipment and database applications.
Mr. Scalia received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science degree in systems engineering from Polytechnic University.

Alan B. Tillinghast, Jr.
Executive Vice President, Operations
Mr. Tillinghast is responsible for global product development, product management, project management, customer support, and operations.
He worked for several years for Netsmart in various technical positions before moving to St. Vincent fs Hospital and Medical Center for eight years, where as the CIO he managed hardware, software and implementation for that organizationfs large behavioral healthcare delivery network. He rejoined Netsmart in 1999.
Mr. Tillinghast received a Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration and an MBA in information technology from Iona College.

GREAT RIVER, New York – June 7, 2006 – Netsmart Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ SC: NTST), a leading provider of enterprise-wide software for health and human services organizations, today announced that it has been awarded a contract totaling more than $2 million by Kalamazoo (Mich.) Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (KCMHSAS).
The five-year agreement includes licensed software, professional services, application service provider (ASP) services and software maintenance.
The agency will use Netsmartfs Avatar software suite as its enterprise solution to facilitate key processes, including client scheduling and tracking, clinical assessment, treatment planning and claims authorizations. Avatar modules to be used by KCMHSAS include Avatar Practice Management, Avatar Clinical Workstation and Avatar Managed Services Organization (MSO).
KCMHSAS will also utilize CareLink, Netsmartfs ASP-based provider portal for authorizations, claims and state reporting data. In addition, Netsmart will provide KCMHSAS with a full range of project management, support and training services.
gWe were looking for a software provider that could address a wide range of needs and grow with us into the future. In addition to the basic Avatar functionality, we also hope to leverage Avatar Mobile for clinicians in the field and InfoScriber for e-prescription capabilities,h said Jeff Patton, executive director of Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. gNetsmart has the breadth of capabilities, the industry expertise and the financial stability to make them ideal partner.h
KCMHSAS serves more than 7,000 consumers in a four-county area of Western Michigan with mental health and developmental disabilities, children with serious emotional disorders and their families, and individuals with severe substance use disorders.
Kalamazoo has laid the foundation for an infrastructure designed to result in improved service delivery to their clients and enhanced communication and integration with other key stakeholders,h said James Gargiulo, Netsmart executive vice president, Clients and Solutions. gWefre pleased to be the partner of choice for KCMHSAS and many other Michigan behavioral and public health organizations as they chart the path to quality care and operational efficiency.h
About Netsmart Technologies, Inc.
Netsmart Technologies, Inc., based in Great River, N.Y., is an established, leading supplier of enterprise-wide software solutions for health and human services providers, with more than 1,250 clients, including 30 systems with state agencies. Netsmart's clients include health and human services organizations, public health agencies, mental health and substance abuse clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and managed care organizations. Netsmartfs products are full-featured information systems that operate on a variety of operating systems, hardware platforms, and mobile devices, and offer unlimited scalability.

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